Mission & Vission:

► The overall mission of VASTF is the multi-sectoral development of the society with emphasis on disadvantaged sections of the community, such as orphans, persons with disabilities women destitute, SC/ST, and elder neglected persons.

Goals & Objectives:

► To help the peoples of the country to development idles and stand for (1) Farming (2) Family Life (3) Citizenship (4) community life (5) A sence of responsibility (6) Health and Education.
► To help the suffersat the time of natural calamities.
► To make an extend provisions for health and sanitation.
► To develop scientific attitude.
► To develop the character and moral life of members.
► To Provide cultural activities.
► To provide and encourage development of organization and rural recreational activities.
► To develop literacy affairs through daily,weekly,monthly and yearly and magazines and also through radio programmes.
► To develop adult education,execution of development works throuth society.
► To undertake and establish rural housing programmes.
► To undertake programme for physically handicapped.